Same Day Roof Shoveling & Ice Dam Removal in Massachusetts

Large amounts of snow on a roof can cause damage. During the day, when the sun shines on your roof, the snow melts. This is all good until the temperatures plummet in the evening hours and the melting snow freezes. This causes ice dams and may cause water to leak through your roof and cause damage to your house.

Additionally, if your roof has a large amount of snow on it, the weight of the snow can cause structural damage to your roof.

We provide same day roof shoveling & ice dam removal. With our experience installing and repairing roofs you can rest assured your roof will be in good hands.

Why Snow Accumulation On A Roof Tends To Be A Problem

People often wonder if they need to get on their roof and remove snow. They want to know how many inches should be allowed to accumulate before they do something about it. Unfortunately, there isn't an easy answer to this question. Many factors play a role in structural failures due to a build up on snow on a roof. According to FEMA, this includes the slope of the roof, its shape, how it was constructed, the exposure of the roof to wind, how the roof has been maintained, and what type of snow is accumulating on the roof.

Wet snow weighs a great deal more than fluffy snow, for example. Or, a roof on an older home may not meet current building code regulations. As a result, snow will likely need to be removed from this roof before one on a home that was recently built. When snow is followed up by rain, the snow may need to be removed also, as this puts additional strain on the roof. If there is any doubt, it's best to call in a company specializing in snow removal to ensure no problems develop.

Problems Caused By Snow Accumulation On A Roof

When a roof becomes stressed due to snow accumulation, ceiling tiles may begin to sag. The home occupants may notice creaking and popping sounds, which are signs the roof is in danger of failing, or doors and windows could jam. Cracked walls are a sign the roof is accumulating too much snow, and the same is true if the roof begins to leak. In the event any of these problems are detected, call in the professionals to determine what steps need to be taken to resolve the problem.

What Is An Ice Dam?

Snow accumulation on a roof melts and freezes as the temperatures change throughout the day. The sun striking the snow helps to boost this process and often leads to the formation of an ice dam. Many homeowners believe the water formed by the melting snow enters the gutters before being carried away from the home. This usually isn't the case.

The temperature within the attic plays a role in this process. A warm attic leads to more snow melting from the roof, but if the outside temperature is too low, the water may refreeze when it reaches the roof's edge. This is due to the lack of heat from the attic reaching this area. As the ice builds, the dam is formed, and this blocks any melting water from reaching the gutter. If the dam becomes high enough, the melting water may begin to enter the home.

Damage Related To An Ice Dam

Homeowners frequently don't realize they have a problem until significant damage has been done to the home. Often, this damage is seen in the form of water marks on the interior walls or ceilings of the home. The damage tends to extend much further, however. In many cases, wood framing within the walls becomes wet in this situation and may begin to rot. Insulation tends to become soaked, making it inefficient in its purpose, and mold and mildew begin to grow. A smell may be noticed in the home, and health problems can develop in the home's inhabitants. When these problems aren't corrected in a timely manner, the home may suffer severe structural damage.

The roof is an essential structural component of the home, thus homeowners must ensure they monitor and maintain it at all times. When a problem does develop, in the form of an ice dam or excessive snow accumulation, homeowners need to take action. Unfortunately, many individuals try to resolve the problem on their own, and this often leads to further damage or the individual being harmed, as they aren't trained to deal with conditions on the roof. The roof is slippery and slick thanks to the weather conditions, thus it's best to leave this job to trained professionals.

Give us a call at (774) 286-1240 for same-day roof shoveling or ice dam removal. We come out and do an assessment of the situation prior to recommending a course of action to remedy the problem. Our goal is to ensure the home remains structurally sound and safe for occupants, as your safety is our top concern. 

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