Window & Door Services in Massachusetts

Replacing windows and doors is a cost-effective and simple way to improve the look of your home. This is also a great way of saving money by making your home more energy-efficient.

Using quality products from Harvey®, Therma-Tru® and Velux®, Allside® and Andersen®, Roofer's Edge & Siding, Inc. provides a wide variety of quality windows and doors that will match your lifestyle.

Along with coverage from established manufacturers, we also stand by our work, and with 32 years in the community, you can count on us to be there when you need us.

Benefits of Installing New Windows and Doors:

  • Curb appeal
  • Durability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Security
  • Cost effectiveness

Replacement Windows Improve Comfort and Save Money

Although some homes in the Newton area were constructed using high-quality windows, many were not. Even where quality windows were originally installed, homeowners frequently are looking for ways to update a home's look while further improving its energy efficiency. Modern windows incorporate design and material advancements not available in the past, meaning updating today enhances comfort and, at the same time, reduces energy costs.

Why Update Now?

While today's energy costs may be lower than in some recent years, the odds are they won't stay where they are. World energy markets are volatile, which suggests every homeowner should consider steps to enhance their home's efficiency. Even if energy prices remained stable in the near future, reducing energy consumption is strongly recommended by both industry experts and those interested in moving toward a greener society.

Of course, a tighter, more energy-efficient home is generally more comfortable as well. Drafts that seem to find their way around old windows no matter how many steps the homeowner takes to eliminate them are no longer an issue. Homes that felt uncomfortably cold with the thermostat set at 70 degrees are far cozier without that cold air filtering in.

What Window Options are Available?

There are a variety of quality choices available when choosing replacement windows. The Newton area's best contractors offer options from the nation's top producers including Anderson, Allside, Therma-Tru, Velux, and Harvey. Virtually any style of window is readily available from one or more of those manufacturers, and many companies even offer custom-made options to deal with unusual sizes or shapes of window openings.

Of course, the installation of those new windows plays a crucial role in how happy purchasers will be both now and in the future. Top installers of replacement windows will make sure every window is properly installed and insulated to prevent drafts or any water seepage around the windows.

Are New Windows Really Worth the Investment?

For most homes, the answer is a resounding yes. New windows provide several benefits for homeowners. Not only will new windows reduce energy costs, they'll provide additional security and enhance any home's curb appeal. New window materials also tend to be more durable than materials used in the past, meaning maintenance requirements are minimal, and even cleaning chores are easier.

Start on the path to energy conservation and keeping utility bills low by contacting Roofers Edge today. It's also a good time to explore the idea of adding skylights to provide more light and update doors to gain further improve energy efficiency.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Project: Install or Replace an Asphalt Shingle Roof

Kevin and his crew went above and beyond expectations. They identified additional issues and brought them to my attention and repaired them at a very reasonable cost. Overall, a very good experiance with Roofers Edge and Siding.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Project: New Windows - Multiple

Roofers Edge and Siding understood what I wanted had the best price, and delivered the windows and did the work in timely fashion as promised. That they understood what I wanted was very important! All the other salesmen had product they wanted to sell and didn't seem to get that with the condition of my basement and its primary use as a laundry and storage area, I wasn't looking for triple-pane, glare-resistant, un-scratchable windows with special gas between the panes.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Project: Install or Replace an Asphalt Shingle Roof

They did a great job on the roof!


What Our Customers Are Saying

Project: Install or Completely Replace Vinyl Siding

Very good to work with, explains every thing, prices were in ball park and fair.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Project: New Windows - Multiple

Great value. Replaced 20 - 25 windows in 1 day.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Project: New Windows - Multiple

Kevin and his crew exceeded our expectations every step of the project. They provide us with a competitive price, answered every question we had and worked with our schedule to get the project done without any high-pressure sales pitches. The end result was beautifully installed windows and an instantly warmer home. Thank you so much.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Project: Install or Replace an Asphalt Shingle Roof

Came in did an excellent job at a very fair price. stripped roof of threelayers, put all new plywood down shingled roof and did great cleanup all in one day ! very professional and very nice to work with.